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Students Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure

All Australian Training is committed to providing a fair and transparent complaints and appeals process that includes access to an independent external body if necessary.


Complaint and appeals handling

All Australian Training applies the following principles to its complaints and appeals handling:

  • A written record of all complaints and appeals is to be kept by All Australian Training including all details of lodgement, response and resolution.
  • A complainant or person lodging an appeal is to be provided an opportunity to formally present his or her case at minimal or no cost.
  • Each complainant or person lodging an appeal may be accompanied and/or assisted by a support person at any relevant meeting.
  • The handling of a complaint or appeal is to commence within 10 working days of the lodgement of the complaint / appeal and all reasonable measures are taken to finalise the process as soon as practicable.
  • The complainant or person lodging an appeal is to be provided a written statement of the outcome, including details of the reasons for the outcome.
  • All Australian Training shall maintain the enrolment of the complainant or person lodging an appeal during the complaint or appeals process.
  • Decisions or outcomes of the complaint or appeals process that find in the favour of the student or otherwise shall be implemented immediately.
  • Complaints and appeals are to be handled in the strictest of confidence.
  • No All Australian Training representative is to disclose information to any person without the permission of All Australian Training Chief Executive Officer. Decisions to release information to third parties are only to be done after the complainant or person lodging the appeal has given permission for this to occur.
  • Complaints and appeals are to be considered on the basis of procedural fairness and lead to opportunities for improvement as a Continuous Improvement Report.


Academic Grievance

An Academic Grievance refers to a grievance about assessment, course content, quality of course delivery, academic achievement, course transfers, cancellation of enrolment, student results, failure or quality in academic services or materials.


Appealing the Results of Assessment

All Australian Training affords learners the opportunity of two (2) repeat attempts to complete a unit of competency to achieve competency. If however on the 3rd attempt the learner is still found Not Yet Competent in that unit of competency then that outcome will stand as the final outcome for that unit of competency.

If a learner has been advised after the 3rd attempt at achieving competency in a unit of competency that they are Not Yet Competent, but they believe that:

  • They genuinely do have the required degree of competency; and
  • That they have provided reasonable proof of this to The RTO The student may query or appeal the result.

The process is quite simple, and is allowed by the RTO to ensure that all students are fully satisfied with the fairness and accuracy of our assessment processes.


In the first instance concerns about an assessment decision should be raised with the relevant assessor. Should you believe that you have been unfairly assessed or believe you have grounds for appealing an assessment decision, you may formally appeal the result of the assessment. An appeal must be lodged within 10 working days of the date you were advised of the assessment outcome. Appeals must be made in writing to AAT Management or to the Consumer Protection Officer.


To ensure independence, the Compliance Manager/Consumer Protection Officer will seek the assistance of an independent subject matter expert to consider the appeal. The process must begin within ten days of the receipt of the written appeal and be completed within a reasonable timeframe. However, where more than 60 calendar days are required to process and finalise the complaint or appeal the complainant or appellant will be notified in writing including reasons why more than 60 calendar days are required. Regular updates will be provided to the complainant or appellant on the progress of the matter. An appellant will be given the opportunity to present their case in writing or in person; you may bring a support person for assistance at any meetings.


The first step when an appeal has been received is to double-check the assessment marking to ensure: Marking is fair and objective, and no aspect or evidence has been overlooked or not accounted for. Note that this is a re-evaluation (i.e. a re-mark), not a re-assessment (i.e. a re-sit).


The grounds for appeal are agreed to, and the assessment can either be re-assessed by a different assessor or the appellant given the opportunity to complete another assessment.

If the assessor agrees with the original assessment result, then the appeal is overturned and the original result stands.

If the appeal process results in a decision that supports the student’s appeal, All Australian Training will immediately implement any decision or corrective and preventative actions required and advise the student of the outcome.

The appellant will be provided with documentation outlining the process undertaken which will include a written statement of the appeal outcome including the reason/s for any decision.

The student’s ongoing enrolment will be maintained until the internal complaints or appeals process is completed.


Review by external agency

  • Where the complainant or person lodging an appeal is not satisfied with the handling of the matter by All Australian Training, they are to have the opportunity for a body that is independent of All Australian Training to review his or her complaint or appeal following the internal completion of complaint or appeals process.
  • Students who are not satisfied with the process applied by All Australian Training may refer their grievance to the following external agencies:
    • Unresolved complaints may be referred to the Australian Skills Quality Authority – ASQA Online Complaint Form. Students are to be advised that ASQA will require the student to have exhausted all avenues through All Australian Training internal complaints handling procedure before taking this option.

Alternatively if the complainant or appellant is undertaking a Smart and Skilled Qualification the complainant can contact the Department of Education and Communities’ Customer Support Centre on 1300 772 104 or email to  enquiries@smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au. Please refer to the Organisations Complaint Handling Procedure for more information

  • Unresolved Appeals in relation to consumer related issues may be referred to the Office of Fair Trading.
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