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Code of Practice

It is expected that staff and students will work in a manner which displays respect for others and for property. It is also expected that they will show diligence in their work, honesty in all dealings with each other and other parties, and respect for the privacy of others. Staff and students will conduct themselves in a manner which respects the laws of Australia, including the states and the regulations of statutory bodies

It is expected that all students will:

  • Ensure arrival on time for any face-to-face teaching, to return by the stated times after breaks and not to leave early without prior notice and good reason.
  • Leave training rooms clean and tidy.
  • Ensure an understanding of the requirements for the assessment of the course or unit.
  • Check that holidays, business commitments etc. do not clash with examinations.
  • Notify All Australian Training of any change in address or personal details.
  • Maintain a high standard of behaviour whilst undertaking educational activities and refraining from any activities that may result in damage to property or unduly interfering with the comfort or convenience of other participants.
  • Refrain from behaviour that may disrupt or interfere with the teaching or learning of others.
  • Observe at all times all safety, health and hygiene requirements, including appropriate dress, footwear and personal protective equipment.
  • Take responsibility to identify and tell staff about any individual learning needs.
  • Keep trainers and coordinators informed of any difficulties that may be interfering with their learning or where they may need some extra assistance.
  • Check the assessment requirements for each subject including due dates and number of assignments.
  • Be aware of, and meet, the trainers’ individual expectations in relation to submitting assignments, attendance, communication, negotiation and problem solving strategies.
  • Be aware of, and comply with, All Australian Training’s policies that may affect students.
  • Conduct themselves appropriately at all times whilst a student with All Australian Training.

Students are required to follow the Code of Practice at all times. Failure to follow the Code of Practice may invoke the imposing of disciplinary actions including removal from the course.


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